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Sell your Scrap Gold and Diamond Jewelry

Selling or pawning your gold or diamond jewelry is much easier now. You don’t need to search for that perfect pawn shop, as the Arizona EZ-Pawn at Surprise, AZ is right here at your service. Today, people don’t feel any kind of embarrassment while visiting a pawn shop. In a bad economy, a pawn shop is a fantastic solution to fulfill your short-term financial requirements. That’s exactly what we offer Arizona EZ-Pawn. We deal in a variety of jewelry items. Whether you want to sell your items or pawn with us, you can be sure to get a great deal.

Our pawn shop is highly reputed and popular in entire Arizona. Licensed by the Maricopa County and the state of Arizona, Arizona EZ-Pawn is a one-stop solution to meet all your pawnbroker and shopping needs.

Since we focus on superior customer service and adopt a consumer-centered approach, we are visited by clients from various backgrounds. Whether it’s a contractor, a small business owner or an individual, they have complete trust in our services and deals. So, you can too.

Whether you want to sell gold or buy from us, you can always expect us to provide you great prices. You are also welcome to acquire loan against the equity of your vehicle or on your valuables. Our loans have high approval rate and come along with low rate of interest. And there are no credit checks, so repayment of loan amount is easier.

While working with our pawn shop, you are completely in safe hands. There are no hidden charges or fees to surprise you. We are a highly recommended and reliable pawn shop. We always strive to bring you profitable deals.

Give Us a Call Now

If you want to sell your unwanted gold jewelry or other valuable items, you can call our office straight away at (623) 544 – 3446. We can also be reached via email at