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Arizona EZ-Pawn offers FREE jewelry cleaning! Every six months you should take your jewelry to a professional jeweler to have it cleaned and polished. This will help to ensure that your jewelry retains its beauty by having each piece inspected as a whole as well as the individual settings to make sure they are secure. All repairs are done on a timely basis so that your jewelry or timepiece will be returned to you as soon as possible.

Arizona EZ-Pawn also offers jewelry repair services including:

  • Watch repair
  • Rinig sizing up/down
  • Soldering chains, bracelets and anklets
  • Inspecting and repairing the prongs of your mountings to keep your stones securely in place

It's an easy way to make purchases that might otherwise cramp your budget. When you want to use your credit card and your cash is low, layaway is your number one solution!

Layaway is a type of agreement which can be made between a retailer and a consumer. The consumer pays a deposit to reserve an item, which is held until the consumer pays in full. The item itself is said to be "on layaway." Typically, the customer has a set period of time in which he or she must pay in full for the item. If the customer fails to pay, the item is returned to stock for a small fee and the consumer's money is refunded.

  • A layaway contract is 90 days
  • Bi-weekly (every two weeks) payments for the balance due
  • The Cancellation Fee on a layaway contract is your 20% downpayment.
  • New layaway contracts cannot be created if you have other delinquent layaways contracts
  • No partial takeouts or partial cancellations are permitted
  • There will be no price adjustments after you start your layaway
  • Person initiating layaway must be the same person finalizing Layaway. A picture ID is required
  • Layaway merchandise will be returned to stock seven (7) days after a missed payment

If our aggressive pawn loans or purchase programs do not work for you. We have another great option for your item and that is consignment. Consignment is very easy and fast, we agree on a price and that is it. You get the benefit of all the foot traffic and advertisements that we place in the local area, your item will sell quickly and for the best price. Consign with Arizona EZ-Pawn because of the years of experience we have in this business.

The word consignment means placing an item in the hands of another person, but retaining ownership until the item is sold. In the context of sale, it is usually understood that the consignee (the person selling the item) pays the consignor (the person giving the item) only after the sale, from its proceeds.

If you have an item you would like us to consider for consignment you can bring the items into the store or you can email pictures into with a description of the item, we will evaluate the item and set a sale price. If we can agree on a price we will place that item in our store for sale. The item should be priced to sell because if the item does not sell you will be responsible for a $5 per month consignment fee for the use of the store.

Consignments are based on a 90 day selling period. We offer a 50/50 split on all items sold. That means you get 50% and we get 50% of the final selling price. If you choose store credit you will receive 60% of the selling price, store credit can be used immediately. If the item sells you will receive a check on the 10th of the following month. After 90 days if the item has not sold the item must be picked up and the consignment fee must be paid at that time.

  • Jewelry & watches
  • Electronics
  • Tools
  • Some exercise equipment